My name is Lucy Sky and  I am a freelance interviewer, writer, photographer, and publicist.

This site is home to nearly all of the content that I have created on my own and as a contributor. The content dates back to my student years because I believe growth is important and those points in time should not be erased.

I have contributed to various publications over the years. I have also worked in band publicity, professional photography, and am an active recreational photographer.

Through my freelance work, I have gained a great deal of experience, diversified my skills, expanded my horizons, and immersed myself in many aspects of the media industry.

My photography work has been on residential, commercial, personal, business, and event contracts. I have had consistent positive response while working with these individuals, companies, and businesses.

I spend much of my time in the Adobe and Google Suites but am familiar with other programs essential to the media industry – which I spent three years mastering before becoming an alumnus of the Print and Broadcast Journalism program at Humber College. While I specialize in interviews, communication, writing, reporting, photography, design, and storytelling – I pick up on new projects swiftly and smoothly and am an increasingly creative person.

I am inspired by the atmosphere of live music and am passionate about all forms of journalism, writing, and photography. I also have an undying appetite for asking the questions I know the world wants the answers to and am devoted to digging them up.