A little about the writer


My name is Lucy Sky and I’m an alumni of the Humber Print and Broadcast Journalism program, now contributing to Aesthetic Magazine and The Spill Magazine as a feature interviewer, writer, and photographer. I have also contributed to The Scene Magazine and Tour Bus Entertainment as a reviewer, interviewer, and photographer. Upon graduation, I immediately begun contributing to Music Vice and This is Vinyl House as a photographer, reviewer, and writer.

I have also gained a great deal of experience in other aspects of photography, expanding my horizons and becoming a single multi-hire. I am well versed in residential, commercial, personal, business, and event photography. I have worked with individuals, companies, and businesses on their photography projects and have always had very positive response. My largest project was with EQ Homes, wherein I aided in the production and manufacturing of an interactive interface that will allow either existing customers to change the items currently in their homes, or aid new homeowners in completing the desired design of their home. The interface allows them to choose everything from the faucets, lighting fixtures, and railings, to the hardwood, paint, and grout colors.

I’m well trained in Adobe programs, including Photoshop, Premiere Pro, InDesign and other non-adobe programs. I specialize in feature interviews, feature writing, reporting, photography, reviewing, design, and storytelling. Moreover, I pick up on new programs swiftly and smoothly and am a very creative person.

meI’m passionate about journalism, writing, live for the atmosphere of live music and have an undying appetite for it that leaves me forever asking questions that I know the world wants to know the answers to.

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