My name is Lucy Sky and I work in publicity, management, and photography.

This site is home to much of the content I’ve created on my own and as a contributor. A slightly neurotically logged history of my work as a writer-photographer, dating back to my undergraduate years. I believe growth is important and that those points in time should be appreciated for what they are and reflected on as such, without being remastered.

Having primarily covered the music industry, I have enjoyed the conversations I’ve had with musicians and music industry workers as much as I have documenting them through a lens. Like many others, during the pandemic, I chose to pivot and currently work in publicity, band management, and social media.

I spend much of my time with my camera in my hand and my dog’s leash in the other.

Ever-inspired by the atmosphere of live music and all forms of writing and photography, I am also a passionate advocate for mental health awareness and support – particularly in the music industry.