Ottawa, a great place to raise a family.

Our nation’s capital has many beauties, all the way from the parliament buildings to the Ottawa canal. This is however a series of photos that makes me remember what an amazing place it was to grow up. Aside from the architectural and historical beauty of the city, Ottawa is one of the best, most scenic places to grow up in Canada. Unlike busy, urban cities like Toronto, it has a huge variety of unique and scenic areas.


A view from a path through the Arboretum of the Rideau River.
This river runs throughout the city, linking up with the Ottawa river and creating the Ottawa Canal.


One of the most beautiful places in the city, the Arboretum.
Filled with trees, in the fall it is one of the most wonderful places to go for a day with the family.


The Arboretum has many trees, some historical and some amazingly shaped.
Families are seen here daily enjoying the weather and bonding.


The Rideau river also flows out into some beautiful smaller rivers.
They run through many places in the city, including the Arb; where it runs under a wooden bridge.


Ottawa being a valley, there are a few sets of locks for passing boats.
This one, by Carleton University is largely populated by cyclists and students.


The bike path runs through most of the city, from east to west and has amazing scenery.
Biking or walking along this path on a sunny day, the route can be beautiful.


The Hog’s Back Falls are one of the places you can’t miss if you visit and must frequent if you live in the city.
The sun hitting the water creates a rainbow on nice days, sometimes even a double rainbow.
There are numerous paths surrounding that lead to the other sides and the bottom of the falls.


Or at the bottom, a nice place for dad to relax and throw a line in the water.


The foam caused by the falls goes for miles, getting thinner and thinner as the water flows.
Nearing the end of the paths, you can see the falls in the distance and trees all around.


These falls form a u-shaped groove in the land and have many ‘mini-falls’ all around.
From little to huge and flowing, every one of them is a beautiful site.


The mist that hovers over the water in some places causes groups of people to stop and stare.
Even people simply crossing the bridge cannot help but to pause their commute for a moment and enjoy the beauty.


Walking along these paths and seeing the way that land has created such beauty can be a wonderful way to spend a day off with the family. Also, a great walk for the family dog.


Such a historic place becoming so beautiful can even be a way to learn something new.


Fall is one of the most beautiful times in a city with so many trees.
The leaves changing makes a walk to the store time to enjoy the natural beauties in the world.


Little Italy is a small, quaint village inside of Ottawa dedicated to Italy.
It’s filled with cute little restaurants and holds Italian-style events year round.


Murals are on walls throughout the city, this one in particular is a portrayal of Little Italy.
The families walking through and a street sign matching the one that runs through the village.


The Gladstone theatre shows small productions and is one of two long standing historic theatres.
It and the Mayfair theatre complete their neighbourhoods to people who have been in the city for many years.


A smaller, more hidden outdoor market than the downtown market.
The Parkdale Market is in the small community of Tunney’s Pasture.


Being able to walk across the street and get a pumpkin to carve with the kids is a luxury.
The kind hearted, homely staff is just a bonus.


Local grown fresh fruits and vegetables is not something you would find at the supermarket.
However, you can grab a bag from the ceiling and take home a delicious variety here.


The hand written signs and hand made boxes shows the heart of the city.
Not to mention the hard work that goes into a great atmosphere.


Food is not all the market has to offer, on the walk home from school you can grab a mothers day gift as well.


Rather than eating at McDonald’s or Harvey’s, people in Ottawa have the option to take home fresh potatoes and cook dinner as a family.


Being outdoors, torn down and set up every day is hard work.
Although it leaves room for creativity and holiday spirit for times such as Thanksgiving and Halloween.


Family outings can be breathtaking with such a beautiful view from the restaurant.




Ottawa is a historic city and has many statues and memorials.

Lucy Hagerup-Labrosse
Journalist, School of Media Studies
Humber College, North Campus

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