Summering and The Black Fever at Bovine Sex Club, CMW

The Black Fever is a punk band based out of Toronto, making jokes against the sports teams here acceptable to the audience. About halfway into their set they dedicated their song “Never Really Had A Chance” to all Toronto sports teams, which got a good laugh out of the crowd, as did when they said their next song was uplifting and then called out the name “Destroy The Heart”.

Their music was more diverse than their sense of humour, going straight from long note ballads, to extremely short lived heavy rock songs. With EPs for sale at the show, they also showcased a new song that will be on the CD that they’re currently working on.

The diversity didn’t stop there. Summering, the psychedelic rockers from Vancouver came next. With five members and three guitars, they have quite a defined, unique sound.

Kicking off the set with the soft vocals mixed with strong bass lines, punk guitar riffs and politician-bashing lyrics gave the audience a good taste of what Summering is about. Their slow tempo psychedelic rock and roll music was a bit of a change from what most people would expect to come across at the Bovine, but their heavy instrumentals made up for it.

Moreover, the lack of much vocals in the songs and lack of any real stage presence was made up for again by those heavy punk instrumentals that flowed in a spectacular balance between all of the instruments.

While drummers are traditionally at the back of the stage and the minds of a lot of fans, this particular drummer really brought it to the front of any listener’s ears, which is rather rare. The spooky sounding interludes of a pick going up and down the fret board of one of the guitarists’ between songs made for some much needed anticipation as well.

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