Rise Against at TD Echo Beach Review

Review: Rise Against live in Toronto

On a day that tornadoes filled the skies in cities just hours away, Toronto could not have been more lucky to receive such beautiful conditions and an equally tremendous Rise Against concert at TD Echo Beach.

Not only would the roof have blown off if there was one, Killswitch Engage and Letlivegot the crowd more excited than they were anticipated to. Rise Against had me as excited to see them as I had been for Sum 41, my favourite band of my adolescent years (who are planning on making a come back soon). When I was 12 years old, Sum 41 blew my expectations out of the water.

I would have paid double the price for the absolutely phenomenal show that Rise Against put on, and I can’t wait to see them again when they return.

Rise Against concert. https://www.flickr.com/photos/jgarber/199979106
Letlive started off the night with a great set that warmed the crowd up for Killswitch Engage. Killswitch belted out a performance with screams that must’ve rippled the water behind the stage.

With all instruments facing each other, band mates side by side and the crowd as involved as the musicians, the set was in near-perfect unison. The sun was shining bright and the heat was nearly unbearable throughout the day, but it was as if the weather knew that the show must go on. Severe thunderstorms were predicted but never came, and the heat eventually let up. The skies were so blue that even vocalist Jesse Leach praised them.

Killswitch Engage. For use in Rise Against concert story.
It was as if these factors amplified how ‘moving’ the sound and energy was at TD Echo Beach on July 19. With wicked guitar solos, smiles all around and a grand applause, Killswitch made it very clear how happy they were to play for the people who came out. Jesse Leach even said, “thank you for your hospitality, beautiful sky, beautiful ladies and beautiful beers.” The turnout and reaction from the crowd was something you usually don’t see from a hardcore band.

After coming out of the heat wave-struck and sweaty crowd, I caught a breath of fresh air before Rise Against – but they came out with such strong sounds and solidity that I found myself quickly running back to the crowd.

Rise Against_4
While Rise Against is touring to promote their newest album, The Black Market, they played a good amount of music that pleased the fans who’ve been around for a long time. Having missed out on getting to see them for so long, it was so much more of an experience for me. They played most of their classics and some fan favourites, and even though I couldn’t get my hands on a setlist, it was one for the books.

The old Rise Against songs were a treat to hear but the new album is not one that disappoints. I was so taken aback when they played a personal favourite of mine (Hero of War).

This story can also be found at http://thisisvinylhouse.com/rise-against-live-in-toronto/

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