The Market is usually pretty quiet on a Wednesday night, but you can usually find a good show happening at the Rainbow Bistro. This past Wednesday night, Upstate Rubdown and Turbo Street Funk filled the venue with great vibes and a full dance floor.

Coming up from upstate New York, Upstate Rubdown showed people how worth it can be to come out on a Wednesday night. “Wednesday nights are when people should really come out,” the lead vocalist said before going back into song. The vocals were spine tingling strong, with three female vocalists each so talented that when they sang together, microphones were not necessary. Between the outstanding vocals, powerful harmonies seamlessly paired with body shaking funk instrumentals, and their very New York jazz bar stage presence, the tip jar they went around with after the show to support their trip home was surely full by the end of the night.

The guys from Turbo Street Funk are known for the electric stage presence that they shaped in their formative years, busking on the streets of Toronto. Bringing that to the Rainbow, they treated the crowd to the fun covers of songs like Ghostbusters, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme, When the Saints Go Marching In, Seven Nation Army, Jackson 5’s I Want You Back that turned heads when they were busking. The outstanding chemistry with the crowd at one point had a couple of the members jumping off the stage to spend some time on the dance floor. Upstate Rubdown expressed how excited they were to be opening for Turbo Street Funk and it was obvious that the sentiment was sincere, as they took over the front row of the dance floor as soon as their set started. While their covers are as fun as their show is to be at, you could really feel the enthusiasm when they played the hits that took them to the top of the Canadian radio charts.

We got a chance to speak with the guys from Turbo Street Funk before the show, so check back in a couple of days if you want to learn more about Toronto’s busking stars.

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