Too Many Zooz @ 27 Club, Ottawa

When you can put on a show like Too Many Zooz, it’s no surprise that last night’s show at the 27 Club in Ottawa was sold out. The amount of raw energy the trio brought to the stage had the lenses of cameras fogging up with steam. From the moment they hit the stage, everyone in the crowd was dancing so much that even if you were standing still, you were sweating. The combination of Leo P’s fierce saxophone playing and wild dance moves, David ‘King of Sludge’ with his innovative self-coined brasshouse drumming, and Matt Doe’s outstanding trumpet sounds makes you feel like you’re right back in the depths of the New York subway stations where they started their careers busking.


The set was jam packed with songs that you can’t help but dance to and so high-energy that they barely stopped at all between songs to catch their breaths – which is even more impressive with two of them playing instruments that require so much breath. Their last two Canadian dates before they head off to Europe are tonight, at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto and Saturday at L’Astral in Montreal. They’ll be back in western Canada in July, so don’t miss out if they’re hitting somewhere close to you.

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