Bluesfest 2019 – Sue Foley, Buddy Guy, The Trews, Kygo

A full catalog of photos from the festival can be found here.

After a much-needed break from the heat, the Bluesfest acts and fans came back in full force Tuesday night. There are always nights where you have to make a choice between stages because there are acts playing at the same time and you, unfortunately, can’t be in two places at once, let alone three. Tuesday night was one of the nights that you had to try to be, though. 

Sue Foley got the crowd into the blues spirit, the Canadian blues legend could not have been a more suitable choice to open up for blues superstar and mega-legend, Buddy Guy on the Videotron Stage. Not to mention the perfect pair to share the stage and close out the night as the last act standing. 

It was a perfect night to jump from stage to stage and if you were lucky, catch every fleeting moment at just the right time. Starting off at Sue Foley, you could watch the first half hour of Buddy Guy’s set, making your way over to the absolutely through-the-roof energy at The Trews show and have the luxury to stay right until the end. You could then circle back through the City Stage just in time to see a breathtaking set of fireworks shooting up from the stage, which were perfectly intertwined with confetti and smoke machines during Kygo’s finale. Finally, you could head back through the museum to find Buddy Guy, the most aged musician there, to be the last man standing but now with the companionship of Sue Foley. The perfect circle. An outstanding job by the lineup coordinators, however intentional or not.

The note of the night would have to be, though, that The Trews are deserving of a Canadian headlining slot. There have been whispers of them being repeatedly put onto stages too small for not only their booming sound but their entrancing presence as well. Kygo being on the main stage meant heavy, heavy bass in the background, but there was no overpowering that Trew Canadian sound. Going so far as to make their own surprise runway to intimately engage with the crowd in the stuffy Bluesville tent made it almost like they already were. Whether they were trying to prove themselves as a viable main stage act or not, those Canadian boys exhumed exactly what is required to captivate the audience at the City Stage.

Sue Foley

Buddy Guy

The Trews


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