The Lazys, Inire & Taming Sari @ The Brass Monkey

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A lot of Ottawans were heartbroken when The Bear left the airwaves, but what they didn’t know was that it was going to make way for a brand new ‘real rock’ radio station – Rebel 101.7. The independent station has taken over the airwaves in the nation’s capital and has a very loyal following.

Their ‘real rock’ brand has now extended to a concert series as well, the Real Rock Live Series by Rebel 101.7 most recently brought us the Australian rock powerhouse, The Lazys, who have taken over the Canadian scene with force since they hooked up with Toronto’s very own Ian D’Sa of Billy Talent at Canadian Music Week a few years back. Their show at the Brass Monkey made Wednesday night feel like the peak of an epic weekend.


‘Nothing But Trouble’ is one of their most well-known songs and could also be used as an anthem speaking towards the energy of the band – as every member of that band is nothing but trouble when they hit the stage. Saying that they played the room would be an understatement in describing the way they took over the Brass Monkey and surely made every attendee’s Thursday workday a bit on the rough side, including Rebel’s Korniky – who had to be in for the morning show, but still made it out to rock out with the Lazys, Inire, and Taming Sari.

On top of billing what is sure to be a big name in Canadian music for years to come, filling up the opening slots with local bands really makes Rebel a true Ottawa station.

Easing folks into the night was Ottawa’s Taming Sari, infusing classic rock and old school blues sounds into a modern format that appeals to the millennial generation, followed by Gatineau/Ottawa’s Inire, whose heavy metal sounds have been a local staple since 2007 and really threw the energy of the crowd through the roof, getting them ready for The Lazys to completely dominate the venue.


The show’s vibe almost mimicked the monsoon weather that we barely made it to the show through on the 401 back from Toronto and while it, unfortunately, restricted us from making it in time to get you any photos of Taming Sari, we can ensure that they’re not an act you want to miss out on seeing live.

Making full use of the stage is one thing, but turning the venue into a stage is what The Lazys did with the Brass Monkey. Near the end of the show, guitarist Matt Morris took to the bar for an impromptu guitar solo that made you feel like you were at an AC/DC show. These guys are more than ready to hit the big stage and we can’t wait to see them headlining festivals all across the nation.

Big thanks go out to The Lazys and their team at Warner Music Canada for having us out to the show. We also give a shout out to Rebel 101.7 and The Brass Monkey for putting this one on. Great job folks, we had a blast.

The Lazys


This review was originally posted on The Rock Source Magazine’s website.

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