Bike Thiefs at Sneaky Dees, Toronto – Gig review [CMW 2015]

Bike Thiefs at Sneaky Dees, CMW 2015 - photo Lucy Sky Bike Thiefs at Sneaky Dees, CMW 2015 - photo Lucy Sky

Who: Bike Thiefs
Where: Sneaky Dees, Toronto
When: Tuesday, 5 May 2015
In One Word: Humble

Mississauga’s own three piece band Bike Theifs filled Sneaky Dee’s with their raw, grungy sound for Canadian Music Week.

While the crowd was surprisingly without a mosh pit, they did call them on so hard at the end of their set for “one more song,” that they got the encore they wanted. The vocalist seemed a bit taken a back and said “Okay, we’ll play an encore, because we’re just so special.”

He put on quite the performance for the small crowd that came out. The lost look in his eyes was engaging as he threw himself around the stage like a ragdoll, still managing to maintain the crassy vocals and down-strumming, 90s punk guitar sound.

The howls in his voice could wake a sleeping bear and the rasp gives off the idea that he’s been smoking longer than he’s been alive. The transition between the two and moreover, the crazy, energetic sound straight into normal conversation with the crowd were seamless.

While most bands featured in Canadian Music Week tend to express their thanks for being there, this time it was ever so sincere. Thanking everyone that came out, the organizers of the festival, the venue and one by one complimenting each band and member on specific aspects of their music and personalities.

With a digital CD available on bandcamp and multiple shows coming up through the GTA this summer, the band has started down a bright looking path.

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