Stegall, The Fight and The Wicks at Rancho Relaxo – Gig review and photos [CMW 2015]

Stegall at Rancho Relaxo, CMW 2015 - photo Lucy Sky, Music Vice

Who: Stegall, The Fight, The Wicks
Where: Rancho Relaxo, Toronto
When: Tuesday, 5 May 2015
In One Word: Outstanding

With their mellow sound that has been compared to Neil Young, The Wicks put on a stellar performance for the crowd at Rancho Relaxo.

Their sound matched their performance to a tee. While still putting out a euphonious classic rock style sound, their laid back vibe had people bobbing their heads and tapping their feet throughout the venue.

The Wicks at Rancho Relaxo, CMW 2015 - photo Lucy Sky, Music Vice

The five piece Montreal based band, originating from Victoria B.C., brought in a following that spanned in ages, much like the group itself.

Their grounded, soft vocals were well backed up by some heavier guitar, nice bass lines, keyboards that gave the songs that extra oomph and wicked drumlines. The guitar completely synchronized with the vocals in all of their songs, brought in applause as loud as the set itself.

More and more people filled the venue to see the terrific performance that The Fight put on afterwards. Their outstanding energy and really crisp, at times grungy, sound had people screaming in applause and dancing through the songs.

The Fight at Rancho Relaxo, CMW 2015 - photo Lucy Sky, Music Vice

Coming all the way from Edmonton, they could not have made it more worth it for all of the people who they continuously thanked for coming out on a Tuesday night to have done so. Their phenomenal stage presence alone set the mood for the night.

Not a soul in sight, including every band member, could stand still for a second while they were playing. The vocalist jumping around, almost moshing with the guitarist, went from performing on the stage to jumping down and literally interacting with the crowd through his songs.

The comradery was shown in the bands when the drummer reached out to borrow a kick-pedal, as his broke two songs in and the drummer from The Wicks promptly jumped on stage and handed his over. They said they love hitting Toronto and well, Toronto sure seemed to love them coming just as much.

Stegall followed, and somehow one-upped, with a mind-blowing set that would give any music lover in attendance goosebumps. The three sisters, titling the band after their surname, have travelled the world with their musician parents and have clearly gathered a very rounded sound along with a worldly vibe. Although through their years of travelling, they still call Ontario home.

Backed up by a bassist, drummer and electronic producer, the trio put on a wicked, high energy performance. Repeatedly expressing their graciousness for the size of the crowd and being featured in Canadian Music Week, the girls made every second of their set count.

Clara Stegall on vocals, also played guitar and a keyboard strapped to her torso, on top of her amazingly tuned voice – which took the crowd by surprise. Moving all around the stage and putting everything she had into every single word she sang made for a breathtaking performance.

Astonishingly powerful vocals and meaningful lyrics were not all they had to offer either. The girls told a story with every song and let the audience know a little about that story before taking them on the lyrical journey.

Liza on guitar and Sydney on keyboard, backed Clara up wonderfully with voices as well blended as their DNA. These girls are a must see, must listen, must follow band that will take many more venues by surprise when they get up on stage in years to come.

All of the bands featured are on bandcamp and more than worth a listen, so check them out and grab a ticket to their next live performance. You won’t regret it.

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Stegall at Rancho Relaxo, CMW 2015 - photo Lucy Sky, Music Vice

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