Friday Night Trend, Curses at Hard Luck Bar, Toronto – Gig review [CMW 2015]


A small crowd doesn’t always mean a disappointing show. Headliners Friday Night Trend brought a small but adequate crowd to the Hard Luck and still got everyone dancing. The all-ages show brought in a perfect crowd to relate to their hit “Wasted Youth”.

Despite the small attendance, the bands were just as excited to be there as the crowd was to hear them play.

Curses preceded them for their first live show and while it didn’t reflect in their stage presence or sound, it was apparent how thrilled they were to be there. The acoustics at the venue aren’t the best, but that didn’t stop the vocalist and the rest of the members from hitting their highs and lows right on point.  Through their cover of “Style” by Taylor Swift and a song they just released, they kept the crowd alive and put on a very promising performance.

The drummer from Curses filling in and playing with Friday Night Trend powered through a double set with enthusiasm and a smile from ear to ear. The vocalist and bassist were just as pumped and almost knocking each other off the stage didn’t even cause them to miss a note. The stage presence and interaction with the crowd was as crisp as their sound. Closing with “Wasted Youth”, with a newly released music video, the homegrown headliners are looking at a bright future.

You can also find this story at it’s originally published location.

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